-We have options for service contracts for all of our RV’s , Motorcycles and Cars.

-Priced well to cover the customer and pair nicely if you are financing because they end up only being 30-60 cents a day on each RV or Motorcycle.

– We offer service contracts on all of our inventory to make sure our customers are covered. If down the road something isn’t working to factory quality it will be fully replaced. 

Electrical: Factory installed 110/120V electrical system; breaker box; breakers; outlets; power converter/inverter; auxiliary generator monitor panel.

Fresh Water System: Water pumps; sink faucet; shower faucet; shower head; holding tank; PVC piping; traps; fittings; and gate valves.

Wastewater System: Toilet vacuum breaker; float assembly; ball valve; slide valve; water inlet valve; gate valves; fittings; connections; and holding tanks.

Water Heater: Tank; burner assembly; water heater thermostat; thermocouple; heating element; gas valve; pressure relief valve; electronic ignition; PC board.

LP Gas System: Regulators; valves; gauges; pigtails; fittings; connectors; gas lines; automatic shut off; mounting brackets.

Furnace System: Blower motor; burner assembly; furnace igniter; gas valve; heat pump; heat strips; L.P fittings and connections; PC board(s); reversing valve; thermocouple and thermostat.

Air Conditioning: Accumulator (Roof/Floor): blower motor; capacitors; compressor; control panel and PC board; heat pump; pressure cycling switch; receiver dryer; relays; thermostat; and ventilation fans.

Refrigerator/Freezer: Thermostat; thermocouple; burner assembly; igniter; cooling unit; fittings; connections; PC board.

Range and Oven: Burner assembly; thermostat; thermocouple; burner valves; igniter; power hood; fittings connections and PC board; microwave oven transformer; microwave oven fan; microwave oven PC board.

Suspension/Brakes: Wheel bearings; spindles; axle shafts; actuators. Anti-lock brake system; hydraulic brake controller; master brake cylinder; brake calipers; wheel cylinders; vacuum power booster; air brake compressor; air brake tank; air brake bleeder valve; air brake diaphragm; air brake treadle; air brake compensating valve.

Leveling Jacks: Covers all parts of factory installed manual jack system.

Seals and Gaskets: All seals and gaskets of the above-listed components. Seepage is not considered a leak and is not covered.

Air Conditioning: Compressor and compressor clutch; accumulator; evaporator; condenser; expansion valve; receiver dryer; blower (Dash) motor and blower motor fan; compressor switch; idler pulley and bearings; condenser fan motor; programmable temperature control; high/low cutoff switch; pressure cycling switch; duct and duct outlets; POA valve; suction valve; A/C power module.

Electronics: Window motors, switches: seat motors, switches; power door locks actuators, switches; cruise control, engagement switch; electronic driver information display; back-up camera and monitor.

Heating/Cooling: Water pump; heater core; fan; fan clutch; fan motor; controller module; coolant recovery unit; fan shroud; and electric block heater; heater ducts and cabins; radiator; thermostat; radiator fan motor; heater core; hot water valve; air-to-air intercooler; thermocouple.

AVAILABLE SURCHARGES :When the surcharge(s) is selected and paid at the time of purchase, We agree to cover the following:

  • Brown Out Coverage: Coverage for damage to a covered electrical component caused by brown out. A brown out is defined as a reduction in power caused by inadequate supply.
  • Premium Appliances: Washer and Dryer: drive motor; transmission; pulley; heating element; igniter; main controls; blower and water pump. Dish Washer: drive motor; pulley; heating element; water pump. Ice Maker: Condenser; compressor; ejector motor; gears; bearings; thermostat; relays. Trash Compactor: Compactor motor; compacting ram; relays. Central Vacuum Cleaner: Electric motor; awning motor; awning weather sensors; armature; relays.
  • Auxiliary Generator: All internally lubricated moving auxiliary generator parts. Engine block: cylinder head and cylinder barrels are covered if damaged due to the failure of an internally lubricated moving part. Auxiliary generator starter; switches; voltage regulator; gauges; hour meter and PC board are also covered, fuel pump.
  • Entertainment: Covers all components of the factory built in audio/video devices.
  • Commercial Use: Coverage will apply if the Vehicle is operated as part of a for-profit business or enterprise or, if the Vehicle is used for daily, weekly, monthly rentals and leases up to a maximum of 12 months. Rental or lease use requires that a single principal operator/renter/lessor/lessee is responsible for Vehicle maintenance and regular servicing. We require proof of maintenance for the investigation and validation of a claim. Coverage excludes taxi, livery, shuttle, emergency services, delivery services, off-road use or hauling.
  • Hydronic Water Heating System: Covers the following named components found in heating systems branded as Aqua-Hot, or similar units: diesel burner, heat exchanger, healer elements, pump, holding tank, thermostat switches, printed circuit board, thermostat and control panel. Requires proof of annual service.
  • Enhanced Towing: Towing Benefits increased to $1000 per occurrence.
  • Audio Video Technology: (Included in PLATINUM coverage level) Factory installed, or factory approved dealer installed high-definition television/monitor(s) and back-up monitor. Audio Video and high-definition disc player. Audio Video cabling and hubs. Home theater audio amplifier and speakers, satellite dish or antenna including rotator motors, signal amplifier, control panel and switches, converter and in motion-satellite receiver. This coverage excludes internet access devices, phone systems, game systems, personal computers and their monitors, MP3 or similar portable Music Video Players and their monitors.
  • Convenience Package: (Included in PLATINUM coverage level) Factory installed, or approved Dealer installed rear view camera and monitor, kitchen center. Ice maker, dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor, monitor panel, factory installed thermometer and compass. Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors, interior/exterior light fixtures (excluding lenses, bulbs, and LEDs), light control switches, GFCI and electrical outlets. Power converter and inverter. Retractable awning power motor, control switch and power/manual crank worm gear mechanism (does not include rails, arms, track, frame). Power step motor, power step control module, control switches and control panel. Leveling Jack: Motors hydraulic/electric pump, actuators, jack assemblies, power cylinders, worm gear, gear sets, switches, and wiring harness. Slide Outs (up to 3): Motor, hydraulic/electric pump, actuators, power cylinders, worm gear and gear sets, control switches and wiring harness.
  • Lighting Package: (Included in PLATINUM coverage level) Electrical failures of interior and exterior factory installed incandescent bulbs, halogen lights, High Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED assemblies, LED strips.


During the Agreement Term, Roadside Assistance is available to You twenty-four (24) hours a day, every day of the year. Service must be a covered Repair or Service under this Agreement and is only available for the Vehicle registered as part of this Agreement. Your twenty-four (24) hour Roadside Assistance service begins at the Agreement Purchase Date shown on the Registration Page and terminates on the expiration of this Agreement.  Covered Services and Limitations:

  • Towing Benefits $350 per occurrence
  • Up to 3 uses during any twelve (12) month period.
  • Up to 1 use within any 72-hour period.

Services Available: The below services are covered up to $150 per occurrence.

  • Lockout (entry into passenger compartment only) – assistance with getting the Vehicle unlocked if the keys are lost, broken, or locked inside the Vehicle.
  • Replacement Flat Tire Changes (with inflated spare) – assistance with flat tires on the Vehicle.
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery – assistance with the Vehicle if the Vehicle runs out of fuel, excluding the cost of fuel.
  • Battery Jump – if the Vehicle will not crank due to a low or “run down” battery, assistance will be provided in the form of a battery jump for the Vehicle.
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